Posted by : Cretey Monday, 29 December 2014

God enters everyone's life in some form or the other, but the
misery is that when you recognize him he is already gone.He entered my life  in the form of a human being, and he was no one but my History teacher. 

The first day he taught us, class became interesting to my surprise and forty minutes spent like forty seconds.Yes, that was the time when i first realised that education could be more enjoyable and interesting than any other luxury of life. I started developing keen interest in History, for he taught it so well that you could actually imagine the kingdom of the Mughals, you could feel the beauty of Cleopatra, the pain of the Jews and the sacrifice of the soldiers. He knew what students loved and so he shared his personal experiences and knowledge from all over the world, and the best part was that nothing he taught was irrelevant of our chapters. He gave us more education than any book could have given us, for his teaching was not remembered for a day but was absorbed for the entire life. Movies and games started giving no amusement but strangely the subject that I once hated, began to hypnotise me as soon as he began teaching. 

Unlike most of the teachers, he gained respect not because of his student's fear for him or because they had been taught respecting their elders since childhood, but because he was the one who truly deserved it. I soon realised that respect does not come from polite words, but straight from the heart. He understood every student and knew very well how to make topics easy for them. I saw the glow on his face when the weakest students of the class began answering the questions thrown on them. A deep feeing of satisfaction ran over him as if he wished to say, "My purpose has gained some success", but he preferred remaining quiet with the same glow maybe because he knew that his purpose was not over yet .He continued teaching us everyday and the positive results of his teaching showed up in other subjects also. It was his teaching that really taught me the way and trick of learning which had always been unknown to me.

His role was not over in the field of education because he was the power who gave my aim a direction. He was the best motivator I had ever known. He made me understand that if we wished, every desire could be fulfilled, he made me realize that life is not just a land, but a wonderland full of opportunities, which knock our doors only once. I was never so determined in my plans, but now i had learnt that even animals live, eat and play, but we humans are born to do different things in yet different ways.

Sir left the school but his teachings still exist somewhere in my mind and heart. He was a strange song that I never knew, but I am sure I'll hum the same song throughout my life, and hence I call him my only God. 

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