Posted by : Cretey Saturday, 27 December 2014

This incidence was shared by my principal when I was in school:

When my principal was in college, he had been to a camp with his friends, where they had this particular girl who showed too much of consciousness in allowing others click her picture. 
She repeated this phrase again and again, "I don't look good in photographs." Finally after tolerating this girl for a number of times one of her friend replied,"Oh dear,  have you ever heard of the saying that the camera don't lie? "
The reason why I shared this humorous incidence is that I want to explain that for a person to protest, it is not necessary to be rude and arrogant always. Decency is really a better option,and at times decent words induce more effect than abusing words do. 
This particular friend would have showed his frustration by simply yelling,  "Stop this bloody overacting you bitch! ", but he did not use these words. I am sure the decent words used by him prevented a great quarrel. 
The same aspect can be applied to any and every situation in life..... Such small things are what would someday help us to improve the values of the present and the future generation.

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