Posted by : Cretey Saturday, 27 December 2014

Time has always been a mystery for everyone.  Truly said, "time is the best healer",  time keeps on changing it's definition as it passes by. 
Here is another self composed poem about "TIME":

Time comes from depth 
Of truth and tales
Unsaid but felt
By every heart, every soul, 
But after it waves goodbye
It is valued more
Than ever did we Earthly creatures
Valued the reasons of our lives. 
Goodbye is said
With senseless tone,
Goodbye is never good. 
With senseless tone comes the grief
Of pain and regret. 

Time gives life to million sufferers 

With hopes and strength
Which were once
Killed by time itself. 
It also shows 
A rising sun and
Turns into a silver lining
Of the darkest clouds. 

Never heard or seen by any soul

Time still survives
With all its powers
Of healing or destroying. 
Yes it is the one
Next to God
Who once made it
The immortal soul. 

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